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B Corp Consulting

In our in depth process we guide you to meet the rigorous standards required to become a certified B Corp. This includes in-house workshops and trainings, a roadmap, implementation plan and guidance up until certification. Separate coaching sessions are available as well.

12 Week Impact Program

Designed to guide your business and team toward sustainability by assessing your impact, developing a customized strategy, setting actionable goals and taking the first steps toward implementation. To refine or define the positive impact of your core business.

Impact Strategy & Goalsetting

Development of a customized impact strategy framework tailored to your business, setting achievable goals that will have a positive impact on the environment and society and will make your employees long for Monday.

Custom Trainings & Workshops

In our employee-first workshops and trainings, we uncover the most innovative ideas for sustainability or co create your strategy. ​​​

  • B Corp training

  • Materiality assessments

  • Sailboat & How Might We workshop

  • Theory of change development

  • Doughnut economy toolkit

Materiality Assessment

Understand the complete environmental and social impact of your operations and how current issues and topics impact the organization. This is based on the newly adopted CSRD regulations. Although it might not be relevant for you today, this will become relevant in coming few years.

Life Cycle  Assessment

For product companies: together with our partners, we assess the complete environmental impact of your product and value chain, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your sustainability performance.

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